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Friendly Reminder: Tenet Home Care is based in the U.S., but we source the most unique ingredients from all over the world, which is a process we're very picky about. Once we're satisfied with the source of the ingredients, we ensure that they are meticulously cultivated. Then, these treasures are brought to world class manufacturing facilities, to create and produce our premium supplements. This is how we're able to guarantee that every product is rigorously tested, and meets our sky-high expectations.From there, the products are packaged and distributed right to you. So when we say "nutrition from the source," you can rest assured that we really, really mean it.Whether you're a nutrition novice or a health guru, Tenet Home Care can help guide you on your journey to becoming your best self. We staff our stores with knowledgeable, friendly associates to help you find the nutrition that's right for you.At Tenet Home Care, there's a world of possibility. Let us help you to get to know the wellness enthusiast inside you.